What are Realistic Money-Making Expectations with Playing Poker?

While many people think of the poker lifestyle as super glamorous, and imagine every poker player has millions stuffed back in his or her bank accounts, it's not always true. Much like Hollywood, poker is never quite as glamorous as it seems and although there are players who make millions, it's unlikely to happen to the majority of individuals who play.

Making Good Money

Even if you're not making millions with poker, you still have the potential to make six digits a year. The trick is in understanding how to deal with the financial and emotional swings of poker. While you may do very well one day, you may do horribly the next. Poker is a game of luck and therefore, you're not always going to be on your best game.

Thinking of Poker as a Job

One thing that helps is thinking of poker as a job. If you can play poker for eight hours a day and come away with a few hundred dollars (or even more) then you're doing relatively well. Compare this to your current job and you'll see how poker may be an improvement for you.

Staying Away from the Addiction

While many people may think that playing poker for eight hours a day is an addiction, it's not necessarily true. If you're winning on a regular basis and making money, you're doing well. However, if you adopt the theory that if you just play for another few hours, you'll win back everything you lost, you could potentially be addicted. It's important to stay away from the addiction and understand that you will lose occasionally.

Although every poker player is different, and their winnings are different as well, it's not unrealistic to expect to make six figures a year with poker. It's possible that you could even make millions, if you're one of the lucky few.

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