Essential Beginning Poker Player Tips

It can be difficult to create a "guide to playing poker," simply because poker is a game of chance and luck, and each player is different. However, there are some essential tips that individuals should utilize to improve their game-playing abilities and have better luck with poker.

Beginning with a Bankroll

When you start playing poker, you'll want to think of a reasonable amount for your bankroll. I'd recommend starting out with $50 to $100 and no more. This is so you limit your losses, but you're able to gain a lot of experience. Start with low limit poker, so you can play as many hands as possible with that first initial investment. Understand that you must limit yourself, so whatever your bankroll is when you begin is what it should stay. Don't attempt to add more money to gain back what you've lost.


It's very important that you gather as much experience as possible. You may want to start out reading poker books and information about playing the game. While these are definitely helpful, the best sort of experience comes from playing the game. Think of yourself as a sponge and absorb as much information as possible when you first start playing, so that you will benefit when you start playing in earnest.

By limiting yourself in the beginning and learning as much as possible, you will increase your odds of doing well when you're playing serious poker. These tips will serve you throughout your poker playing career.

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